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Doing Our Part

Welcome to Walker Recycling Inc dba JW & Sons, where we do our part to contribute to our environment and customer-base with quality recycling and scrap metal services. While most of us know the benefits of traditional recycling of items like plastic and newspapers, there is an entirely different sector of recycling that is equally as important: scrap metal recycling. Through the recycling of metals like copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and iron, we help to reduce the amount of ore mining throughout the world.

Not to mention, these metal items find new purposes to reemerge into our society as valuable resources. The benefits of scrap metal recycling are mutual and without end. If you're in possession of scrap metals we accept, we'll give you a fair price to take them off your hands. We better our environment through your scrap materials!

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Why Choose Us?

For over 40 years the family-owned team at Walker Recycling Inc dba JW & Sons has been hard at work recycling scrap metal for the Central Arkansas area and beyond. We're the name that comes to mind for many when it comes to scrap metal recycling. It's with trust and integrity that we run a business with purpose. Our commitment is to our environment and our customers. We seek to raise awareness on the benefits of recycling and how it can reshape the world we live in today. We pride ourselves on offering prompt services and fair prices our customers can appreciate. If you have questions regarding our services, please call us today at (870) 793-9010.

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